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Alie Amato

Alie hard at work in Metallica's dressing room.

In Alie's own words:

"I started my own wildlife preserve, where I take in animals that have been abused or are homeless, as a non-profit organization. So when Metallica asked me to come back out with them I said I could only do it on one condition. At home I fundraise to maintain the property and I asked to be able to continue fundraising on tour. They donate two backstage passes every night and I raffle them off. Two people get to meet the band and I can fund raise. As long as I can still fundraise I'll probably stay on the road for another few years now because there so much getting done back at the wildlife preserve in terms of building and so on. Some people out here dont even care about animals. There's one guy on the crew who always says 'I can't believe you spend all your money on animals'. But for 40 years it was always about me, I partied my butt off, I did things for myself. I made this commitment to these injured animals and it's what I do."